OnePlus explains OxygenOS 13 TalkBack feature and its uses

OnePlus Talkback feature

OnePlus has integrated several useful elements in OxygenOS 13 and one such is the TalkBack feature. In the recently held FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) session, the company’s moderator explained how this feature is a significant addition.

Accordingly, OnePlus OxygenOS 13 TalkBack feature helps in reading texts and describing on-screen content out loud. It is quite useful at times when you are inconvenient to look at the phone’s screen.

On the flip side, the feature is a blessing to low-vision users and aids by speaking actions loudly as items are touched, selected, or activated. Consequently, you become aware of the ongoing operation without keeping an eye on your phone.

In other words, the TalkBack feature provides spoken feedback so that people can use their handsets, even without looking at the screen. This feature counts as a Google screen reader and is available on all Android devices.

The moderator further penned down how OnePlus users can access the feature on their smartphones. For enabling it, follow the instructions given below.

  • Go to the Settings menu
  • Scroll down and select Additional Settings
  • Tap on the Accessibility option
  • Click on Vision > TalkBack

OnePlus Talkback feature

By default, pressing and holding the two volume buttons at the same time for three seconds can turn the TalkBack feature on or off. While doing this activity, a window will appear asking you to use this action as a shortcut for the respective feature. Although you can turn the toggle off at your convenience.

Remember! Gestures for features including screenshots and the split screen will be turned off when TalkBack is enabled.

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OxygenOS 13 holds several useful tools in its bag. However, we often miss tiny yet productive parts while exploring the huge add-ons. As of now, you can check on this feature when you are eyes are strained and don’t want more fatigue.

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