OnePlus OxygenOS 13 vs Apple iOS 16: Quick Notes

We usually use notebooks to note any key point somewhere in the meeting but it’s not possible to carry a pen and paper with us all the time. Now, the time has changed you can use your smartphone as a latter pad to note any important things using Quick Notes features. Surprisingly, in this article, we are going to compare Quick Notes features from two different OS that is OnePlus OxygneOS 13 and Apple iOS 16.


Before we start, let’s understand something about Quick Notes. Possibly, many of you know about this feature, it’s just a free mobile application for taking notes using text, images, or voice recordings.

Similar to Evernote and OneNote, with functionality and features designed for Android or any OS device. You can also import saved files from others and this can reduce your effort. This is one of the greater features that may really help you in your daily work.

OxygenOS 13 vs iOS 16: Quick Notes

OnePlus OxygenOS 13 Quick Notes

OnePlus OxygenOS 13 has changed the way you use the mobile experience, now OnePlus Notes lets you customize your notes with new rich text formatting options and pin them to the shelf for easy access. The text is too limited, you can use the doodle feature to create your own ideas?

The latest version of OxygenOS offers you various other features that set Notes apart from the contest. This is one of the great features of having a smartphone is the ability to take notes. I almost always carry my smartphone with me. This makes it the perfect place to hold your moment of inspiration. Or it is suitable to put it in the place where you need to buy milk in the store. Either way, it’s a great place to take notes.

OxygenOS 13 Shelf feature

Apple iOS 16 Quick Notes

With Apple iOS 16 Quick Notes the ability to create notes on your iPhone has been enhanced so far. This used to only be done on the iPad and Mac, but now you can use your iPhone to write quick notes. Additionally, users can encrypt locked notes with their iPhone password and this is a great way to keep your notes private from others.

The company has also advanced Smart Folders that automatically organize your notes into Smart Folders with more powerful filters. Now your notes can be organized chronologically, such as today or tomorrow, for easy access. Further, users can filter some or all of the Smart Folders or tag browser criteria.

Now you can create quick notes from the Share menu in any app on your iPhone. As said, it automatically organizes your notes into Smart Folders based on powerful new filters. So, filter by one or all by choosing to filter some or all Smart Folder statuses or browser tagging.

OxygenOS 13 iOS 16 Quick Notes

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