OnePlus OxygenOS Nothing OS 2

I wish OnePlus OxygenOS had same software stability as Nothing OS 2.0

OnePlus came a long way with its OxygenOS software but it still requires major changes compared to other operating systems, especially Nothing OS 2.0. The newly launched OS is much more efficient and stable than the original Android functions.

Nothing OS 2.0 is lightweight and mostly offers a stock Android feel with customized design all over the Phone (2). Next, certain amazing features and settings like icon tweaks and widgets also reside on the lock screen of the device, making it better in every manner. A few changes are:

  • Nothing or Stock Style option on the setup screen
  • New widgets for the lock screen
  • Customizable folder
  • Monochrome theme
  • Cool new wallpapers
  • Native app locker & app cloner
  • More customizability with Glyph Interface

OnePlus OxygenOS Nothing OS 2

Things aren’t confined to customizations but have more than that. To be specific, the Nothing operating system is not only fast, and fluid, but holds great consistency. It even outperforms the Pixel experience that leads ahead of Samsung, Motorola, and other devices, in terms of software stability.

It is worth mentioning that years ago, that’s how OnePlus OxygenOS was. The updates approaching users were regular and reliable. But over time the company has degraded its OS badly. As of now, OnePlus devices seem to spoil faster than most other smartphones.

Meanwhile, we cannot deny the fact that the nastiest bugs have formed that frequently disrupt performance. On the other hand, there are no permanent fixes to truly absurd issues through updates. It looks like the new firm will soon take over the old and one of the best Android device makers in the coming days.

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We hope that the example of Nothing OS 2.0 will help OnePlus to improve the OxygenOS software and make a better change over time for its users.

OnePlus OxygenOS Nothing OS 2

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I wish OnePlus OxygenOS had same software stability as Nothing OS 2.0

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