OnePlus OxygenOS Weekly September 30

OnePlus OxygenOS Weekly Bulletin: Everything you need to know (September 16, 2023)

OnePlus is wrapping up another week of this month and it’s time to have your attention on the OxygenOS weekly bulletin (September 16, 2023). This week has some interesting updates on devices, applications, and of course, the approaching OxygenOS version.

At the same time, we managed to attain some effective inputs regarding OnePlus’s plan for upcoming devices. Are you ready to explore these headlines? Then get on this weekly express and grab some amazing details!

OnePlus OxygenOS Weekly Bulletin – September 16, 2023

1. Let’s begin with OxygenOS! OxygenOS 14 is expected to bring seamless updates to its devices. While Google has already offered this feature with Android 13, we may finally find it for OnePlus users with the upcoming major software upgrade. Read More

2. Another interesting hit is, OnePlus has surprisingly given the Nord 2T as well as Nord CE 3 Lite, a slot in the OxygenOS 14 closed beta program. To know the full story, you can take the help of the below-given links:

3. On the other hand, the company has served the OxygenOS 14 open beta version for OnePlus 11 users. Want to know how you can gain a few amazing features and improvements? Check out the links:

Devices Section

1. Coming to the next department, OnePlus saved some amazing gadgets for the next year. Alongside the OnePlus 12 series, we may find more new devices that will elevate the user experience. Know More

2. Is the R-tagged smartphone your favorite? Well, then you must be eager to know the outstanding specifications of the OnePlus 12R. Check the full specs HERE.

3. New Device – this terms reminds us of the OnePlus Pad Go which is constantly emerging in the headlines these days. You can have all the details of the forthcoming tablet below:

Apps Section

Last but not least, the company has renovated several apps and services so that users may not face any issues while performing functions. In case you have missed any app updates then don’t worry. One can still download new builds, below:

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OnePlus OxygenOS Weekly September 16

OnePlus OxygenOS Weekly Bulletin: Everything you need to know (September 16, 2023)

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