OnePlus Pad officially teased, revealing overall design and camera specs

OnePlus Pad design camera specs

OnePlus Pad is again surfing on the online social media surface, but this time – it’s official! Yes, the company has finally spoken on its first-ever Android tablet: OnePlus Pad, and defined the key points in design and camera specs of the slim-trim device.

To begin with, the Chinese tech giant has ultimately given the first official look of the large screen gadget on board. The firm has slid a new poster on its Indian website under the category of ‘OnePlus Pad’ with an interesting tagline saying “Boxes come in all shapes and sizes”.

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Consequently, the sleek OnePlus Pad comprises a body of aluminum alloy, wrapped in a cambered frame. Eventually, the implementation of these materials makes it easy for users to hold the device conveniently in their hands for a long while without losing their grip.

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Adding more to the outlook matter, the company describes the matte finish and Halo Green color scheme on the tablet. It “blends the vibrancy of life with the vastness of space”– says OnePlus for the fascinating shade. Notably, the tech maker also hints that we might find some more color options in the time ahead. But at present, the only possibility is this greeny texture.

OnePlus Pad design camera specs

In addition to the design specs, the manufacturer said that OnePlus Pad will have a single-lens camera, packed in a massive circular bump and positioned at the center. Eventually, this position is perfect as it will capture the scene according to your perspective and in a better way than from the side edge.

On the flip side, the front camera will take place at the right corner (top of the screen). Also, there are tiny bezels along the display sides, making the gadget more ethnic look-wise.

At this moment, these are only the details that we caught in our hands. But we will keep you posted on this matter with the latest pinches and info. Stay Tuned.

OnePlus Pad design camera specs


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