Operation Tango co-op spy game– 7 gameplay tips to turn you into world saving spy duo

PlayStation game Operation Tango is a co-op spy adventure that challenges you and a friend to work together as Agent and Hacker to complete exciting missions all across the globe.

The game is online-only, requires two players (no solo), and is 100% dependent on voice chat since the Hacker and Agent exist in entirely different locations within the game world.

This sort of intensely cooperative spy work can be daunting, so we’re here to provide you with special insights to maximize the fun of near-future co-op espionage.

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1. Recruit a friend for free

Given the two-player requirement, recruitment should be your first priority. Operation: Tango supports both cross-play and a Friend Pass, meaning you can invite a friend to play with you for free even if they play on a different platform. Simply ask your partner to download the Trial Version of the game, and then start a game together.

Cooperation and fun are at the heart of the experience, so even the most casual gamers can jump in and tackle missions with you right away.

2. Agent or hacker, there’s no wrong choice

Once you’ve recruited a friend, there’s no need to fight over who takes on which role. The Agent and Hacker roles are both built from the ground up to be integral to the experience while delivering their own unique brand of awesome.

You’ll never be waiting around while the other player is having all the fun. Asymmetrical co-op is all about constant participation, and while the Agent may be “on the ground,” the Hacker will find themselves in virtual locations that rival anything the real world dishes out with regards to danger or visual splendor.

3. Communication is key

Remember, your partner can’t see what you see, and vice-versa, so words are your most essential tool. Always try to speak freely, share details about your unique perspective, and talk through each challenge as if you were confronted with it in a real-life setting.

Operation: Tango’s puzzles rely as much on communication as they do on creative problem-solving. Whether you’re describing abstract elements, giving directions, or trying to make sense of complex rule sets (while a timer counts down, no less), well-chosen words are the key to success, and sometimes the difference between life or death.

4. Take on a collaborative mindset

When you’re part of a dynamic spy duo, you simply can’t go it alone. Winning like a team means playing like a team. Embrace your reliance on your teammate, and be sure to thank them for their efforts. Always try to keep kindness and patience in ample supply.

Each obstacle you face is another opportunity to work better together, and there’s nothing better than completing a mission with a partner whose infectious positive attitude keeps things light-hearted and fun during even the most stressful moments.

5. Make your own fun

Unlike scripted single-player games, Operation: Tango provides opportunities to insert your personality into the game. With emotes, dynamic text, and the ability to alter whole AR environments, there is ample room for personal expression. For some pairs, good-natured trolling can be half the fun. Get creative!

6. Take the hint

Although we’d never want to rob players of a single “eureka” moment, sometimes a puzzle just doesn’t “click.” There’s no need to search the internet for solutions or rage quit out of frustration. Operation: Tango’s hint system is a button press away, and provides just enough guidance to inspire a new approach to finding a solution. Used with discretion, it’s a great way to maximize your gaming session.

7. Switch it up

Perspective is everything, so don’t hesitate to change roles and replay missions to get the full experience. Operation: Tango is essentially two games in one, so don’t miss out on half the fun.

Operation: Tango is available now on PS4 and PS5. If you’re a PlayStation Plus subscriber and own a PS5, you can download it for free from June 1 until July 5, 2021. Regardless of where your friends play, they can join you for free thanks to cross-play and the Friend’s Pass.

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