Android OxygenOS 14 app pair

OxygenOS 14 (Android 14) likely to bring new ‘app pair’ feature

Android 14-based OxygenOS 14 is on its way and will soon hit the OnePlus devices with a bunch of unique features, including a new one named ‘app pair’. Eventually, this is another addition that is likely to occupy space in the upcoming software upgrade.

Recently, Android analyst @MishaalRahman tweeted an ultimate post regarding the app pair feature, and we may find it with the OxygenOS 14 upgrade as well. From the name, the respective add-on will aid multitasking capabilities on handy gadgets.

What is App Pair?

Adding more depth to this matter, the App Pair feature will let you launch applications side-by-side in split-screen mode. To be specific, it will allow you to open two apps of your choice directly into a multi-window session. Besides, it saves you from several taps to launch a pairing that you access regularly.

So far, tech giants like Samsung and Microsoft have already blessed their devices with this feature, through their own Android skins. But with Google’s initiative, other OEMs like OnePlus, Realme, and Xiaomi will also be able to inherit this feature for their launchers, creating efficient space on large screens.

Mishaal has spotted this functionality in the newly pushed beta 2 firmware. He noted that a new launcher flag has been added to the system. When enabled, it surfaces a ‘save app pair’ menu item in the context menu of split-screened applications in the recent overview.

In terms of functioning, the observer said that tapping the ‘save app pair’ doesn’t work but as soon as the feature will be ready, it will let consumers add a shortcut to the home screen to launch two apps in the split-screen section.

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It is quite an effective feature that will probably appear with the OxygenOS 14 software, but only if OnePlus wants it. Hope this time, the company will not skip any of the latest Android features for its devices, like previous updates.

Android OxygenOS 14 app pair

OxygenOS 14 (Android 14) likely to bring new ‘app pair’ feature

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