OxygenOS 14 is already on the stage, what about Xiaomi MIUI 15?

OnePlus and Xiaomi belong to the same Chinese Android vendors group however, in recent times, the Nord developer has started pacing ahead in the software race. A recent example is – OxygenOS 14 has already stepped into the launch stage while Xiaomi is still busy with MIUI 15 internal developments.

As per some revealings, the Chinese OEM is planning to introduce MIUI 15 at the Xiaomi 14 series launch event which is likely to be held in late October or early November. Although, OnePlus has taken a long jump in this competition by unveiling OxygenOS 14 ahead of everything, especially Xiaomi MIUI 15.

On the other hand, the MIUI 15 build is running on the internal testing treadmill. Whereas, OnePlus has served the closed beta to several top-end models. So, does this mean that Xiaomi fans will once again face the update delay problems, even with the upcoming mega upgrade?

It is worth mentioning that Xiaomi keeps a good track of software rollouts for its devices and ensures the delivery of timely releases with better improvements. Hence, it seems as if the company doesn’t want to hurry things related to the approaching software and focus on making it a perfect OS.

As of release, let’s wait for the end of this month where we could gain some more highlights on this matter. And who knows, Xiaomi may bring a far better than OxygenOS upgrade on board! We will keep you posted with the latest inputs on this subject. Stay tuned.

Xiaomi MIUI 15 OxygenOS 14

OxygenOS 14 is already on the stage, what about Xiaomi MIUI 15?

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