PSA: One UI 3.0 brings 10 new Dynamic Lock Screen categories

Samsung gives users various options to customize their lock screen including Always on Display with interesting clock designs, app widgets that show you instant information, Samsung’s online wallpaper and instant news service, Glance, and more.

But there’s one more lock screen customization option that we must mention here and it’s called “Dynamic Lock Screen”. This feature enables you to download and set a wallpaper pack on your phone’s lock screen and automatically refreshes the wallpaper in every 2 weeks.


With the introduction of One UI 3.0, which will be based on Android 11, Samsung will introduce 10 new Dynamic lock screen wallpapers categories, up from 5 categories on One UI 2.5.

The existing categories include – Landscape, Life, Food, Pets, and Art. However, Samsung will refresh these old categories alongside the new ones including the followings:

  1. Landscapes
  2. Plants
  3. Life
  4. Dogs
  5. Cats
  6. Animals
  7. Art
  8. Food
  9. Dessert
  10. Special

Samsung device users can access the Dynamic Lock screen feature via:

  • Settings
  • Lock Screen
  • Wallpaper services
  • Select Dynamic Lock screen

According to our information, Samsung will release the One UI 3.0 after November 2020, which indicates that its stable rollout could start somewhere in December or maybe early. You can also check the One UI 3.0 eligible device list linked below. One UI 3.0 is based on Android 11 and comes with various new features.

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