PUBG Mobile banned, but players still able to play, HOW?

Last month, the Indian government banned one of the most loved games, PUBG Mobile. But, PUBG is still playable without having any major problem.

The PUBG Mobile is not available on the Google Play Store but, if the game hasn’t been uninstalled from the device, PUBG Mobile still loads and lets you play a match.



Casual players receiving regular updates from PUBG official, when they open the game an update prompt open and after a click on the “update” button, this will redirect to native browser present in Samsung and Xiaomi phones.

Players can download the APK and OBB files from any browser, and play it without any error.

What is the benefit of a ban, if PUBG is still playable?

This mainly impacted of esports side of PUBG. It is illegal to play PUBG, but casual players still play it. Pro teams and organizations can’t play it, if they caught playing PUBG, they need to face legal actions. There are many professional PUBG players who are making good money from it now looking for other games to generate some money. Tencent has lost more than $34 billion since the PUBG Mobile ban in India and they have retaliated too.

Can the Indian Government completely ban PUBG?

Yes, if the Government wants they can easily ban it completely. According to some industry experts following are the ways to put a complete ban.

  • Ask ISPs to filter out known PUBG IP addresses from their routing tables.
  • Ask DNS providers you stop resolving addresses for known PUBG domains.
  • Ask Apple and Google to blacklist the apps across phones.
  • Maybe a combination of these.

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