PUBG Mobile permanently bans over 1.9 million accounts for this reason

Game hacks and cheats software are being widely used in the Battle Royale games. This has frustrated the community of millions of players.

Likewise, the developer of PUBG Mobile maintains their efforts to identify and address cheat providers at the source distributing unauthorized third party software for hacking.

Earlier, the developer of PUBG Mobile permanently suspended 1.2 million accounts across the globe. To focus on zero tolerance for cheaters across the game including the action for both cheaters and cheat providers.

Recently, the company once again banned 1,994,845 accounts for confirmed cases of using cheat software in PUBG Mobile Game.

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These are the accounts that are banned permanently:

  • Bronze: 37%
  • Silver: 11%
  • Gold: 11%
  • Platinum:13%
  • Diamond: 12
  • Crown: 10%
  • Ace: 5%
  • Conqueror: 1%

The majority of reason Banned Cheats:

  • Modification of Area Damage: 8%
  • Speed Hacks: 20%
  • Modification of Character Model: 5%
  • X-Ray Vision: 33%
  • Auto-Aim Hacks: 32%
  • Others: 2%

On the other hand, the developer of the PUBG Mobile also releases PUBG Mobile Beta 1.3 beta version to test the new features before adding them to the final global release of PUBG Mobile games.

What about PUBG Mobile in India?

The Indian government’s Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology indicates that PUBG Mobile and PUBG Mobile Lite might not be launched in India.

However, it is not yet confirmed that the popular “Battle Royale” game will return or not in India. Still, fans are waiting for the release of the game.

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