Redmi to introduce its own UI, bye bye Xiaomi’s MIUI

According to the well-known tipster, MIUI will bring several exclusive and unique features to Redmi devices. However, the blogger did not clarify what it is about. Meanwhile, there are reports that Redmi will have more personality features in the future. Other than that, the main difference is in the software.


However, there will be some changes in the graphical interface area. The MIUI of Redmi and Xiaomi smartphones will be functionally similar, but the animations, icons, and other elements of the graphical interface should be different.

Redmi New UI Leak

The tipster further revealed that the work has just begun and it will take time to implement these ideas. A few things could happen. With the arrival of MIUI 13, the visual differences will come to the fore and the detailed features of the Redmi brand will be visible.

About Redmi 

Redmi is a sub-brand of Chinese electronics company Xiaomi. It was first released in July 2013 as a cheap smartphone series and became an independent sub-brand of Xiaomi in 2019, offering entry-level and mid-range devices, while Xiaomi itself has become a part of high-end and mid-range devices.


Redmi phones use Xiaomi’s MIUI user interface on top of Android. However, it is almost impossible to separate Redmi from its parent company.

The two companies maintain a close relationship and put together sales figures for both brands. Redmi also uses Xiaomi MIUI to make its smartphones, which are based on the Android operating system.

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