Returnal major video game delay due to long-term effects of epidemic

As we move into 2021, a harsh reality is emerging for gamers is the major delays are huge. During 2021 forecasts, this is a very real possibility due to the long-term effects of the COVD-19 epidemic.

While some of the 2020 releases were rearranged, those games were largely near the end of their development cycle. The real interest was what the epidemic in sports meant which was not quite far off.

That company is rapidly becoming a reality. With some of the big games of the year going down the line or next year, delays are coming down left and right. This leads to a much thinner release schedule than fans initially expect to go into an exciting year for the game. Here is a roundup of all the major video game delays that have occurred so far.

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In Sony games, Returnal always seemed like the biggest lock to hit its release date. While Sony was uncertain about the dates for games like Ratchet & Clank: Drift Apart and Horizon Forbidden West, it was set on the March 19 release date of the third-person shooter.

It has also consistently featured in sizzle reels over the past few months, making it look like it’s relatively safe from delays. Unfortunately, Sony delayed it some months from 30th April to allow developer Housemarque to polish the game. At the moment, this list is starting to look quite similar to our list of the most anticipated PS5 games.

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