Samsung aims to make all its home appliances Wi-Fi enabled

Samsung home appliances Wi-Fi enabled

The IFA 2022 event is coming. Ahead of this, Samsung has unveiled its plans for its upcoming home appliances saying that the company aims to make nearly all its home appliances Wi-Fi enabled and become the world’s most energy-efficient home appliances brand.

Samsung believes that customers have become more aware of the impact on the environment of their choice and are practicing environmentally conscious activities in their daily lives. This especially applies in homes where we spend most of our time. Consumers want home appliances that help create an endurable home life.


To fulfill these demands of customers, Samsung brought Bespoke Home Appliances in 2019. This not only included customizable design and function but also sustainable solutions. Samsung claims this product has received huge love since its launch.

Now to meet the next demands of the users, Samsung wants to take one more step to make all its home appliances Wi-Fi enabled to create the ultimate sustainable home experience.

Samsung home appliances Wi-Fi enabled

By combining SmartThings-based connectivity with the energy efficiency technology of home appliances, Samsung plans to become the #1 energy efficiency brand, expand sustainable efforts through meaningful collaboration, and provide solutions for realizing a Net Zero Home.

Concept of No.1 Energy-Efficient Home Appliances:

As consumer lifestyles evolve and demands become more diverse, Samsung’s home appliances have also improved in performance and efficiency every year to meet those needs.

However, improving the hardware of home appliances is only part of the company’s long-term vision. It is also important to consider ways to continually make new technology more useful while creating more value for users.

So, Samsung introduced a new smart home service that can maximize the synergy between home devices this year called Bespoke Home. At its core, SmartThings Energy monitors the energy usage of connected home appliances and automatically switches to AI Energy Mode to save energy when needed.

Samsung thinks that combining high-efficiency products with SmartThings Energy has proven to be very effective. And by the end of next year, the company will introduce all new smart home appliances that will support Wi-Fi.

At this time, the company has only detailed this much about its plans for Wi-Fi-enabled home appliances, more information will be revealed at the IFA 2022 event.

For more information, visit Samsung Newsroom.

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