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Samsung attains second spot in US smartphone market in Q1 2024: Report

Key Points 

  • Samsung acquires the second spot while Apple tops in Q1 2024 US smartphone market.
  • The smartphone shipments in the US dropped BY 8% YoY in the first quarter of 2024.
  • Samsung’s US smartphone market share has risen to 31%, thanks to Galaxy AI and S24 series.

Samsung and Apple are two contenders and the competition between these two tech giants is always interesting to observe. However, a recent report indicates Apple continues to dominate the US smartphone market while Samsung acquired second spot in Q1 2024.

As per the report of Counterpoint, the US smartphone shipments have seen a drop of around 8% YoY in Q1 2024. Apple tops the chart with a 53% market share, and Samsung is in second with a 31% share. While Motorola, Google TCL, and others contributed with 9% and 5%.

The comparison of data from the previous year’s quarter first result shows the rise of Samsung smartphone shipments by 31% and its credit goes to the high demand for the Galaxy S24 series featuring Galaxy AI capabilities.


While iPhone shipments remain unchanged, they neither increased nor decreased as compared to the previous year. The loyal fan base and innovative devices like the iPhone 15 series, have helped Apple to lead the US market.

However, it will be exciting to see how the smartphone market evolves in the coming quarters as Samsung, Apple, Google, and other manufacturers are ready to make waves in the tech world with their innovative devices.

Samsung US smartphone market Q1 2024 

Samsung attains second spot in US smartphone market in Q1 2024: Report

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