Samsung continues to use the old fingerprint sensor for Galaxy S23 series

Samsung galaxy S23 fingerprint sensor

Shocking! Samsung has skipped the world’s largest ultrasonic fingerprint sensor for its latest Galaxy S23 series. The company is still using the old 3D Sonic Sensor Gen 2 for all the new models that are making their way on the consumer platform this February.

According to a new specs sheet that appeared on the internet surface, the Korean tech maker is not making any specific change to the Samsung Galaxy S23 series fingerprint sensor. It will be the same as it was for the previous models (Galaxy S21 and Galaxy S22 models).

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Till now, many manufacturers have used the 3D Sonic Max fingerprint sensor with their smartphones. For Instance, iQOO and Vivo in early 2022. However, there’s no information why Samsung is still not opting for the largest sensor in its topmost flagship line.

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Though, Qualcomm’s latest 3D Sonic Max fingerprint sensor transmits an ultrasonic pulse against the fingers by using sound waves to read two fingers simultaneously for more reliability.

Besides, it delivers high performance across a wide range of operating conditions—dry, wet, and even contaminant exposure. Yet it would be better if the company brought the new element on board with its upcoming handsets.

Samsung galaxy S23 fingerprint sensor

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