Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra may have slightly less curvature than its predecessor

Samsung plans to launch the Galaxy S23 series flagship in the first week of next February, and leaks are already revealing important information. In a recent development, a revealer leaked the curvature of the middle frame of the Galaxy S23 Ultra smartphone.

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As shown in the images shared to highlight the changes, the Galaxy S23 Ultra may have slightly less curvature than its predecessor. While the Galaxy S22 Ultra has a thinner and rounded midframe, if the leaks are correct, it’s different from its successor.

In addition to this, the tipster has also shared a real-life image of a possible Galaxy S23 Ultra smartphone showing a boxy frame design. If Samsung makes such a change in the design of this flagship phone, the curvature of the screen will also be reduced.

Moreover, less screen curvature helps the smartphone to offer a brighter panel as the iPhone 14 Pro has already captured the peak brightness crown. Another advantage of the thicker mid-frame is a more durable build quality as well as a secure display panel with fewer curved edges.


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