Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 consumers will not get charger in the box

It has been cleared by Samsung that users will not need a charger with their Galaxy Tab S8 buyers. Sadly, the packaging only includes the USB-C data cable, not the power brick. Also, the Online Shop of Samsung confirms that the Galaxy Tab S8 did not come with a charger in the box.

It can also be said that dropping the AC adapter will cause Samsung a great profit by better stable packaging. As the box will include lesser items which will direct to a slighter less packaging in a small box. Yet nothing can be said in this matter that what prompted Samsung to go on this pathway.

As the device is set at a very high price, it can be assumed that Samsung might have an AC adapter. And the news is a little worse. The charger is not available on any version of the Galaxy Tab S8.


 Charger adapter is not available on any version of the Galaxy Tab S8!

If not getting the Galaxy Tab S8 charger is not so bad then it is not getting any kind of charger. If you do not buy one of the more expensive models, perhaps the biggest advantage is that you do not feel left out.

Aside from this, a device with an actual price of $700 does not seem to come with an AC plug. Even more insane when you consider the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra priced at a minimum of $1,100 or $1,400 for a top model with 16GB of RAM and 512GB of storage.

What makes this decision even more interesting is that Samsung’s main competitor in the tablet space, Apple has AC adapters with its latest iPads. What do you get when you buy a Galaxy Tab S8, S8 +, or S8 Ultra?

Via – SammyFans

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