Samsung launched world’s first CXL based DRAM integrated with DDR5 technology

Samsung recently released the world’s first DRAM based on the CXL (Computer Express Link) interconnect standard. This new CXL-based module enables server systems to significantly expand memory capacity and bandwidth, accelerating AI and high-performance computing workloads in data centers.

With the growth of artificial intelligence and big data driving different computing trends, CXL-enabled DRAM facilitates high-speed, low-latency communication between host processors and devices (such as accelerators, memory buffers, and smart I/O devices).

However, the CXL Alliance was established in 2019, but Samsung has been cooperating with several data center, server, and chipset manufacturers to develop next-generation interface technologies. Enabling CXL-enabled DDR5 modules can expand the memory capacity to terabytes while significantly reducing system delays caused by memory caches.

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In addition, the South Korean technology giant also integrates a variety of controllers and software technologies, such as memory mapping, interface conversion, and error management, which will enable the CPU or GPU to recognize CXL-based memory and use it as main memory.

The company said that this new module has been successfully validated on Intel’s next-generation server platform, marking the beginning of the era of high-bandwidth, low-latency, CXL-based memory using the latest DDR5 standard.

In addition, Samsung is also cooperating with data centers and cloud providers around the world to better meet the demand for greater memory capacity, which is essential for processing big data applications including in-memory database systems.


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