Samsung Galaxy S23 selfie camera issue

Samsung may fix Galaxy S23 selfie camera issue with August 2023 One UI patch

A new report emerged on the community forum that, some consumers of the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra model are facing an annoying issue with the selfie camera. Which seems to get fixed with an upcoming security patch. Notably, this silly glitch has arrived with the June 2023 update.

A user wrote that the Galaxy S23 Ultra front camera automatically enlarges the face, similar to a convex lens filter, which further got corrected automatically.

  • It’s the S23 Ultra model, but after the 7/1 software update, if you take a selfie with the front camera, the face is enlarged strangely as if a convex lens filter was applied, and it is automatically corrected.
  • The picture is edited so strangely that I don’t want to look at it. Is everyone like this? It feels like a convex lens filter, as if the entire face is trapped in a large circle;”

In response, the camera in charge speculated that it could be a glitch that may have occurred because of a distortion correction engine.

  • In the process of updating after adding the rear camera distortion correction function, it seems that the distortion correction engine, which should not be applied, is called under certain conditions of the front selfie. We will provide a corrective update as soon as possible.”

However, this nasty selfie camera issue is expected to get fixed with the August 2023 update as the company already started dispatching the July 2023 update for Samsung Galaxy S23 devices in various markets.


Samsung Galaxy S23 selfie camera issue


Samsung may fix Galaxy S23 selfie camera issue with August 2023 One UI patch

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