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Samsung plans to strengthen medical innovation with Sonio acquisition 

Key Points 

  • Samsung acquires 100% shares of Sonio an AI software company.
  • With Sonio Acquisition Samsung plans to strengthen medical innovation.

On May 8, 2024, Samsung Medison announced its acquisition of Sonio, a leading ultrasound AI software firm. This acquisition is expected to strengthen Samsung’s capabilities in medical imaging and drive the way for significant advancements in ultrasound technology.

As per the details, the Korean tech giant has signed an agreement to acquire 100% shares of a reputed ultrasound AI software company Sonio SAS. This firm has developed IT solutions and AI assistant features for obstetrics and gynecology ultrasound that assist medical professionals.

Sonio also indulges in deep learning networks ensuring higher image quality in real-time and improving quality of care via better clinical precision. However, Samsung’s collaboration with Sonio will bring together an ultimate ultrasound AI technology and a big shift in the prenatal ultrasound exam.


Samsung’s acquisition of Sonio indicates its commitment to driving medical research and development to new heights. Simultaneously, Samsung Medison is also declared as an amazing and trusting partner to accelerate Sonio’s roadmap and mission of advanced medical reporting technology.

Yong Kwan Kim, Samsung Medison CEO said, 

  • “We have great respect and admiration for what the Sonio team has built in the area of maternal care. Through the acquisition of Sonio, Samsung Medison will continue to deliver upon our promise to improve the quality of people’s lives with technology,”

Samsung plans to strengthen medical innovation with Sonio acquisition 

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