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Samsung playfully mocks Apple for iPhone alarm glitch

Key Points 

  • Samsung’s hilarious Instagram reel pokes fun at Apple’s alarm glitch.
  • The iOS setting issue seems to be the cause of the iPhone alarm glitch.

The US tech giant – Apple is again getting trolled by its rival from Korea. Samsung took to Instagram to playfully tease Apple over the notorious iPhone alarm glitch. The shared post of Samsung UK certainly provided a moment of laughter and entertainment for smartphone users worldwide.

The South Korean tech giant, known for its bold marketing strategy, posted a hilarious reel on their official Samsung UK Instagram account, showcasing the reliability of their alarm while poking fun at Apple’s mishap. The reel starts with a dog dancing on the board.

The post cites “Rest assured our alarms GO OFF,” while there is a caption “Samsung users woke up on time today.” Ouch. The post quickly gained traction, generating thousands of likes, shares, and comments from tech enthusiasts and users.

Accordingly, there was no clear mention of Apple, thus, nor the firm has replied to it. The mocking between Samsung and Apple is not uncommon, as both companies have a history of engaging in friendly rivalry. It also showcased Samsung’s commitment to delivering reliable experiences.


For those who are not aware, some users of iPhones are reporting an unusual functioning of their wake-up calls. The issue causes alarms to not play as expected leading users to frustration. However, Apple is aware of the problem and states that it is related to iOS 17 Attention Aware setting, while, the maker is also working on the fix.

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Samsung playfully mocks Apple for iPhone alarm glitch

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