Samsung supports India fight against COVID-19 by providing 1 million LDS syringes

Samsung is the leader in the global smartphone market with the largest shipments. The company not only ships different types of products, such as phones, tablets, wearable devices, and household appliances. At the same time, it also participated in some social activities, held workshops, and helped countries facing difficulties.

According to the latest information, the South Korean tech giant has imported 1 million innovative Low Dead Space (LDS) syringes to support the Covid-19 vaccination campaign in India! It is worth noting that this is part of the company’s Covid support plan for the country.

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The Low Dead Space (LDS) syringe reduces the amount of medicine left in the syringe after injection, thereby reducing the wastage of vaccine, which allows more than 20% of people to get the same dose of vaccine. Starting from South Korea by air, 325,000 LDS syringes have been shipped to each region of Uttar Pradesh.

In addition, Samsung also promised to provide 5 million U.S. dollars (370 million Indian rupees) as its contribution to India’s fight against Covid-19 to provide hospitals with the necessary medical equipment to promote the development of the healthcare sector.

However, the company’s funding includes medical supplies worth US$2 million, including 100 oxygen concentrators, 3,000 oxygen cylinders, and 1 million LDS syringes.


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