Sony might use TSMC’s 6nm process PS5 chip and launch new products in 2022


TSMC might use 6nm process technology to redesign and manufacture the chips used in the new PS5 game console. The new process is expected to increase transistor density by about 18% and reduce chip manufacturing costs. , Thereby increasing the profit margin of PS5.

The tipster said that the foundry is expected to start producing the new PS5 between the second and the third quarter of 2022. Thanks to the improvement of chip efficiency, the power consumption and volume of the new product will be smaller.

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Sony’s reason for using the new process is not to make a more powerful PS5 Pro version, but to reduce costs. The PS5 currently uses AMD’s APU chip and is manufactured using TSMC’s 7nm process. Since Sony’s PS5 is selling at a loss, and global sales have reached 7.8 million units, even if the cost of a few dollars is reduced, it will bring Sony a huge advantage in the future.

Unlike Sony’s strategy, Microsoft’s Xbox Series series of game consoles will not be sold below cost. Foreign media said that at the hearing of the Apple and Epic Games lawsuit, representatives of Microsoft also attended the hearing. When asked whether Microsoft is profiting on the Xbox Series X/S console, Lori Wright said: ” We will not sell consoles below cost. ”


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