SpaceX successfully completed high-altitude flight test of its SN15 starship prototype [Video]

SpaceX successfully completed the high-altitude flight test of its latest prototype SN15, which is also SpaceX’s fifth interstellar flight. The spacecraft test fire. Full of details, SpaceX released the SN15 starship prototype test video: a multi-camera review of the successful process

Today, SpaceX officially released a section of the entire process of SN15 launch to recovery, showing the entire process of launching, adjusting the attitude, and igniting and landing from multiple positions.

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SpaceX’s first starship, SN8, was launched on December 9 and flew well, but crashed when it landed. The other three starship flights (SN9, SN10, and SN11) all had similar fates. Although the launch of SN10 successfully landed, it exploded a few minutes after touching the ground.

These flights are not aimed at space, but at an altitude of about 10 kilometers. After the successful launch of SN15, CEO Elon Musk announced that he would conduct repeated flight tests of SN15 in the near future.

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