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The breakup news: iFixit parts ways with Samsung

Key Points 

  • iFixit broke up its collaboration with Samsung.
  • iFixit will not remain Samsung’s tools distributor from 1st June 2024.
  • The cost of the parts seems to be the biggest reason for parting ways.
  • Galaxy device official parts will continue to be available through the website powered by Encompass.

iFixit has officially announced the termination of its partnership with Samsung. This decision to part ways has surprised many tech enthusiasts especially the Galaxy device consumers who relied on the collaboration for repair guides and parts.

It’s worth noting that, iFixit has been working closely with Samsung to provide repair solutions for Galaxy products. However, due to some unknown circumstances, the popular repair website iFixit has intended to separate its repair ties from Samsung.

One of the main aspects of getting separated is reported to be the price of repair parts. Simultaneously, iFixit was also not able to gather official parts for the newly launched Galaxy devices such as Galaxy S23, Galaxy Z Fold 5, and Galaxy Z Flip 5.

Hence, iFixit’s Samsung Repair Hub will shut down starting next month, and iFixit will no longer remain Samsung’s selected third-party parts and tools distributor. It will also not have a quantity limit of seven Samsung parts per repair shop per quarter.

For users well being, the website will not remove any existing information but it will not be collaborated directly with Samsung to develop new manuals. While, the maker will also continue to sell parts and repair fix kits for Samsung devices, sourcing OEM parts when available.

iFixit states, 

  • “It’s with a heavy wrench that we have decided to end our partnership with Samsung. Despite a huge amount of effort, Samsung’s approach to repairability does not align with our mission,” iFixit reports.


Following iFixit’s announcement, Samsung responded to the matter, expressing their perspective on the situation. The Korean tech giant highlighted its commitment to providing quality products and support to its customers, even in the absence of a partnership with iFixit.

The firm tells Android Authority that, the consumers of Galaxy devices will continue to get the repair parts for their products through its official parts website powered by Encompass. Also, the mentioned website currently doesn’t list any Samsung device repair parts as a category but is expected to be updated anytime.

Samsung’s statement, 

  • Samsung is committed to providing quality, accessible device care to our customers with flexible options to suit their needs, including walk-in, mail-in, and “We Come to You” services. For people who would like to take advantage of our self-repair program, we offer Samsung-certified parts, tools, and information for our qualified products in one easy place: SamsungParts.com, powered by Encompass. We’re proud of the work we’ve done together with iFixit. We can’t comment further on partnership details at this time.

 iFixit Samsung

The breakup news: iFixit parts ways with Samsung

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