These tricks will help you understand Windows 11

Windows 11

When compared to Win10, the Win11 interface has been changed a lot. In addition, many old habits that have been used for many years have been cut off one by one, which makes people particularly uncomfortable.

A small tool called StartAllBack appeared on the Internet a few days ago. As the name suggests, its role is to easily restore these old habits!

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Windows 11

Right-click menu

The right-click menu of Win11 adds a folding function, and all third-party software automatically transfers to the second-level menu. However, the result of this is that the operating efficiency is greatly reduced. Problems that can be solved in one step in the past often require two or three steps.

Windows 11

StartAllBack has built-in classic right-click recovery function. First, enter its main interface, open the “Explorer-Enhanced Explorer” tab, and then check the “Classic style right-click menu”.

After completion, the desktop right-clicks, program right-click, and file right-click directly restore to the previous style. While being convenient to use, it also improves the response speed of the right-click menu.

Windows 11

Resource Manager

Win11’s Explorer has canceled the functional area panel and replaced it with a newly designed toolbar. If you really do not adapt to the new version of the design, you can open the “Explorer” tab of StartAllBack and modify the Explorer to Win10 or Win7 style.

It’s worth mentioning that StartAllBack also provides a brand new “mica effect” for these “old styles” (Win11’s latest window UI is an upgraded version of the previous Win10 “acrylic” style), so that even if you switch to the old style, Win11 does not Not particularly obtrusive.

Windows 11

Windows 11


In addition to the new center attribute of the Win11 taskbar, the previous right-click menu is also canceled. To restore the classic taskbar, just open the “Taskbar items” in StartAllBack and check “Enable enhanced classic taskbar”.

Besides restoring drag and click icon input functions, StartAllBack transparent task protection, icon focus (only program icon is focused, system icon is still left), button style, icon sharing, adjusting icon size, and other functions Sure, so really good as a beautification program.

Note: It is recommended to turn off “Use Enhanced Classic Jump List” in actual use. Compared with traditional jump lists, the closed new list will be more practical.

Windows 11

Windows 11

Start Menu

StartAllBack supports restoring the start menu. After opening the “Start Menu-Enable Enhanced Classic Start Menu”, the start menu can be restored to its previous appearance.

The setting interface is similar to similar software, and three appearance styles of default, Plain8, and Windows7 are also provided. At the same time, the options here are more abundant, and you can basically restore your previous habits.

Windows 11

In terms of appearance, StartAllBack incorporates the latest features of Win11, such as floating start menu, rounded corner style, Win11 pop-up effects, mica appearance, etc., which can be seen in the default start menu. However, the tile design of Win10 is not added here, which is a little regrettable.

Windows 11


The biggest attraction of StartAllBack is that it retains the features of Win11 as much as possible while maintaining the classic Windows habits. In particular, it allows users to match and restore arbitrarily according to their preferences, which is still rare in similar software. With its blessing, Win11 will become more convenient!


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