BGMI 2.5.0 update features

Tips to get maximum kills with Sniper Rifle in BGMI

Battlegrounds Mobile India, the popular game offers various types of weapons such as Assault Rifles, Submachine Guns, Light Machine Guns, Designated Marksman rifles, and Sniper Rifles. These weapons are used to fight on the ground and kill rivals to attain upper ranking.

There are several Sniper Rifles in BGMI such as the Arctic Warfare Magnum System, Lynx AMR, M24, Kar98, and Mosin Nagant. A Sniper Rifle is not a weapon that you can just pick up and tap enemies of the bat. Sniper Rifles require skill and a player needs to practice rigorously to master them.

To get the best possible result with the Sniper Rifle players will need to hit consistent headshots to knock down or finish enemies with a single bullet. Below you can check some tips to attain maximum kills with a Sniper Rifle in BGMI

Long-Range Battles:

  • Players usually use the 4x or 8x scope options on the Sniper Rifle. With these scopes, it is recommended that players take on mid to long-range fights. Even if players miss their shots in long-range battles they can take cover and will have time to reset.

Passive Playstyle:

  • Players will need to play passively in order to secure kills with the Sniper Rifle. It is a one shot weapon and needs to be reloaded after each shot which makes it difficult to be used in an aggressive playstyle. While using the Sniper Rifle players should plan and choose which fights to take and which ones to avoid.

Take Cover:

  • Sniper Rifles need to be reloaded after every shot and players will need to have cover while reloading the weapon. Good cover will allow players to take on multiple fights and will also allow you to survive for a long period of time to secure the chicken dinner.


  • Sniper Rifles being a one shot weapon require precision and accuracy. One shot to the head by the Sniper Rifle in most cases is enough to knock down or finish enemies. Players will have to practice hitting consistent headshots in order to have an advantage over enemies.

Turn on Aim Assist:

  • Players who are using Sniper Rifles for the first time are recommended to turn on the aim assist feature. This feature will allow players to adjust their aim automatically without having to adjust their crosshair manually. It allows you to take quick shots at long range without having to worry about precision and accuracy.

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BGMI 2.5.0 update features

Tips to get maximum kills with Sniper Rifle in BGMI

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