TSMC will reportedly invest 2.89 billion USD to overcome global chip shortage

TSMC today announced that the company’s board of directors has approved an expenditure of US$2.89 billion to increase production capacity in response to global chip shortages.

TSMC said in a brief statement today that its board of directors has approved this expenditure for the deployment of mature manufacturing technologies to further increase production capacity. In addition, TSMC did not elaborate on this investment.

TSMC said earlier this month that the company will invest US$100 billion in the next three years to increase the production capacity of its factories. At the same time, Intel also announced a US$20 billion capacity expansion plan.

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Last week, TSMC’s CFO Huang Renzhao said that after spending US$8.8 billion in the first three months of this year, TSMC currently expects to invest about US$30 billion this year for capacity expansion and upgrades, which is higher than the previously expected US$25 to 28 billion. Dollars,

In fact, TSMC has been working hard to increase production capacity to alleviate the global chip shortage. TSMC CEO Wei Zhejia said last week that the shortage of some key semiconductors will continue at least until the end of this year or even next year.

In recent months, as the global economy has recovered from the epidemic, demand for chips has far exceeded supply, forcing some automakers to suspend production for several weeks, and exacerbating the shortage of popular consumer products such as game consoles.

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