TSMC’s 5nm process revenue reportedly declined in the first quarter, but it can still account for 20% in a year

TSMC’s financial report showed that their mass-produced 5nm process last year had a decline in revenue in the first quarter, not as good as the previous quarter, but they still expect the 5nm process to contribute to this year’s full-year revenue.

Judging from TSMC’s financial report, 14% of their revenue in the first quarter came from the 5nm process. In this quarter, their revenue was 12.92 billion U.S. dollars. Based on this calculation, the 5nm process brought them 18.09 in the first quarter. Billion dollars in revenue.

In the fourth quarter of last year, TSMC’s revenue was US$12.68 billion, of which 5nm contributed 20%, which is US$2.536 billion. In the first quarter of this year, both the revenue and the proportion of revenue have declined compared with the fourth quarter of last year.

Although the revenue of the 5nm process declined in the first quarter of this year, TSMC is still optimistic about its revenue for the entire year.

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In the first quarter earnings analyst conference call, TSMC CEO Wei Zhejia stated that their 5nm process is currently the most advanced chip process technology in the chip foundry industry.

Mass production has entered the second year, and the yield rate is better than their original plan. Driven by the demand for smartphones and high-performance computing applications, customers’ demand for the 5nm process is still strong, and they expect the 5nm process to contribute 20% of their revenue this year.

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