Upcoming Apple’s 35W dual port charger design surfaced via images

As per the previous report, Apple is preparing for the launch of a new accessory. However, the reports at that time only revealed the surface of the accessory. Fortunately, the leaked images come up with the latest information that reflects innovation in design, different from other adapters.


Recently, a Twitter handle named ChargerLAB brought images regarding the layout of the upcoming accessory. The content creator put some light on the fresh look of the adapter for its shape and size.

The leaked pictures of the Apple 35W dual-port USB-C charger showcase an ultimate design. It carries foldable prongs and two ports that remain side by side. Besides, the overall shell of the adapter complements the white-gray look with a lustrous finish. Further, the edges of the charger are round in shape and bring a hollow space on its wall to maintain a firm grip.

Apple 35W dual-port USB-C charger design

Unlike other chargers, the 35W USB-C adapter carries two ports placed beside each other. These two ports allow the charging of two devices at the same time. In the case of one device connected to the charger, it offers a 35W rapid charge. However, the unit decreases up to 18W when there are two devices.

The foldable prongs are likewise to the UK-built 18W USB-C Power Adapter. These prongs are visible at the bottom of the charger. As the name suggests, they are foldable and can place inside the charger. Thus, this implement is suitable for users fond of traveling as it avoids scratch on any base.

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