WeChat stops sharing King of Glory anniversary event

King of Glory

“League of Legends Mobile Games” recently opened a public beta, and launched “Heroes Reunion, Canyon New Road” sharing activities to get heroes with free skin. However, due to too many sharing reports, it has become impossible to view and participate in earlier activities as usual.

According to a report by an online user for their enthusiastic clue delivery, WeChat has now blocked the link to the anniversary celebration of “Glory of the King”, the reason is also that many people complained.


King of Glory

King of Glory

The King of Glory officially announced the exclusive content of the sixth-anniversary event, including sign-in to send limited skins, return to vote, anniversary canyon map renewal, sixth-anniversary limited title, customized-time voice, and includes sending the skins of Pig Bazi. , Adi Jayanti celebrations program will be organized. It will be announced on October 30 at 8 pm.

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