WhatsApp Hide Locked Chats feature

WhatsApp improving privacy with new ‘hide locked chats’ feature

WhatsApp began improving the privacy aspects to more extent with an all-new hide-locked chats feature. As the name reflects, the latest capability won’t display the conversation list, protecting it with an additional layer of security. Meanwhile, users need to enter a secret code to access the Chats tab.

Spotted in the Android beta version and following the secret code functionality, WhatsApp is now rolling out a useful hide-locked chats feature for some testers at the moment. This addition will enable users to better hide their private conversations from alien eyes.

So far, the company has already brought in the Chat Lock feature to protect users’ privacy. However, it always has an entry point to access the list, allowing anyone with access to the phone to understand the presence of locked chats.

But thanks to the new feature, users will be able to remove the entry point and mark the list of locked chats visible by entering the secret code into the search bar. Eventually, it’s a good initiation to save your chats from prying eyes.

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WhatsApp Hide Locked Chats feature


WhatsApp improving privacy with new ‘hide locked chats’ feature

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