WhatsApp community entry point

WhatsApp is releasing new community entry point widely

WhatsApp is bringing a new community entry point in the app that will add a significant lift to the user experience. The latest tweak is rolling out for iOS-running devices at this moment. Though we could anticipate it anytime landing on the Android application as well.

Consequently, the company is aiming to provide an easy way to grab a list of all the groups linked to a certain community. Thus, you don’t need to roam around the application in search of which group associates with a particular page.

In addition, this feature will enable the community admins to add a new group to the community without wandering the info section of that specific group. Eventually, WhatsApp started releasing the community entry point feature with the 23.12.71 version.

Notably, the changes are not mentioned in the official changelog but you may find it on installing the latest build. To be specific, you will find this shortcut in the upper-right corner of the app. Meanwhile, if you have not received the feature yet then don’t worry as the company is pushing it off widely and it will be on the app in the coming weeks.

WhatsApp community entry point

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Apart from this tweak, WhatsApp iOS is also working on a new screen share feature. As the name reflects, the function will let you share the screen with your friends and family when on a video call. Accordingly, users will get an easier way to collaborate with others. Let’s see what else we will grab in this application in the time ahead.


WhatsApp is releasing new community entry point widely

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