Xiaomi Cloud Data App will discontinue on September 30

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You may have known about the Xiaomi Cloud data app, an information storage service platform. Recently, Xiaomi Cloud Data QQ Group announced that the application will stop giving service on September 30.

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The Xiaomi Cloud Data QQ Group operator said,

“First of all, I am very grateful to Mi Fan users for their strong support for cloud traffic for more than 3 years. In the process, we have gone through countless days and nights to bring a card-free Internet product to Mi Fan. However, After the company’s various decisions, the cloud traffic App will cease operation after September 30. Here, all employees representing cloud traffic say goodbye to all fans who support cloud traffic!


  1. If the data cannot be used up in time due to the outage of the cloud data app, you can contact online customer service for refund processing.
  2. For all users who have completed the real-name authentication, the cloud traffic will be processed to unbind the real-name and cancel the card.”

Xiaomi Cloud Discontinue

What is Xiaomi Cloud Data App?

The Xiaomi Cloud Data App, also known as a cloud card can transmit a remote SIM card to the mobile terminal and allows you to enjoy the same Internet experience as regular physical SIM card.

As the first choice for the second card slot, cloud traffic can help you enjoy more comprehensive signal coverage and preferential tariffs.

Application scenarios:

  1. For old mobile business customers, the main card package is too expensive and too little. Using cloud traffic, the preferential traffic can’t be used up.
  2. When traveling outside, the network signal of the main card is poor, but the signal of other service providers is good. Use cloud traffic, intelligently select the best network and more comprehensive signal coverage.
  3. It is troublesome to apply for a new card. Use cloud data, 0-month rent, buy and use immediately, and stop at any time without burden.


  1. Physical card. To use cloud traffic, you need to insert a physical card that can be connected to the Internet. The cloud SIM card can be downloaded to the mobile terminal through the physical card to achieve Internet access. Therefore, cloud traffic will occupy a card slot.
  2. The physical card needs to be in the following network standards to download the cloud card: China Mobile 2/4G, China Unicom 2/3/4G, Telecom 4G (VoLTE enabled).

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