Xiaomi MIUI 13 features officially revealed

MIUI 13 Features

Xiaomi has officially introduced Mi 12 series smartphones and MIUI 13 on December 28, 2021 at Mi 12 launch conference. However, Xiaomi 12 series come pre-installed with Android 12, which is the same as last year’s MIUI 12.5 Enhanced release on the same day.


In the launch event, Xiaomi revealed the features of MIUI 13. The main focus of MIUI 13 is smoothness and fluency, so this time it has made great strides in this area.


Compared to the Enhanced version of MIUI 12.5, the fluency of MIUI 13 has increased by 15%-52%, system applications fluency is improved by 20%-26% in many high-frequency usage scenarios. Multiple continuous uses of the field lock swap frequency have resulted in a drop of more than 90%.

MIUI 13 improves Focus Computing 2.0, Liquid Storage, and Atomic Memory to enhance the experience. With Computing 2.0, the system will not only understand key scenarios such as full micro-screen gestures but can also use computing tribute heart system applications with core third parties for frequency data.

With Liquid storage, atomic memory is also optimized for the latest platform, the core background is still strong, after 36 months of continuous use, the read and write performance degradation is less than 5%, compared to the new as long-term use.

MIUI 13 Pads version optimized 3000 apps and support multitasking free windows so that applications are presented in the best way, and every inch is not wasted. It will come with better privacy protection as it features system-level anti-fraud, full-link guarding.


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