Xiaomi MIUI 13 vs MIUI 14: Weather Interface

Xiaomi MIUI 14 Weather interface

Xiaomi has brought various cosmetic and performance-related modifications with MIUI 14, and one of the most noticeable change is been found in the weather interface. The Chinese tech giant has updated the weather page with 24-hour weather forecast trends.

As compared to MIUI 13 the MIUI 14 weather interface looks more practical and relevant. It offers us detailed information on climate conditions in a more appropriate manner. Although, this feature was already available in the previous version of MIUI.

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With MIUI 14, the firm has optimized the functioning of the app, in order to provide a more adequate user experience. Simultaneously, the weather page has also got a new system design which makes it more functional and easy to understand.

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After upgrading your Xiaomi device to the MIUI 14 version, you will notice some comprehensive changes to the weather page design. Which will present you with the weather forecast information in a more user-friendly way with simpler menus and icons.

However, along with the UI changes, the brand may have also improved the app’s performance and fixed the minor bugs and issues to make it perform more seamlessly. This new upgrade will enable Xiaomi users to have an idea about the weather they can expect while they go out.

Xiaomi MIUI 14 Weather interface


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