Xiaomi MIUI 14 Feature Preview: Family services

Xiaomi MIUI 14 fAMILY services

Xiaomi MIUI 14 changelog show lots of improvement and features to easily manage, fun, and operate the Xiaomi smartphone system. Although, there are some Family services features that allow you to care for your loved once through your smartphone.

The MIUI 14 allow you to share all the essential thing with the people you care about the most, and the company packed dozen of option to let you access this easily. Let’s discuss the Family services of Xiaomi descriptively.

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Comapny offer Xiaomi users to create groups with up to 8 members with various roles and security permissions. Well, each and every member of the group have access you share your photo albums in the family group.

Xiaomi MIUI 14 fAMILY services

Not only that, but you can also make your shared album your TV’s screener so that your entire family may share in these happy memories. You can also share health-related reports for data like heart rate, blood oxygen, sleep, and more.

In short, the family services allow you to share the following below mention services:

  • Photos,
  • Album
  • TV screener
  • Heart rate
  • Blood Oxygen
  • Sleep

Below you can check the Complete changelog in a well arranged

  • Family services allow sharing all the essential things with the people you care about most.
  • Family services allow the creation of groups with up to 8 members and offer various roles with different permissions.
  • You can share photo albums with your family group now. Everyone in the group will be able to view and upload new items.
  • Set your shared album as a screensaver on your TV and let all your family members enjoy these joyful memories together!
  • Family services allow sharing of health data (e.g. heart rate, blood oxygen, and sleep) with family members.
  • Child accounts offer a series of sophisticated measures of parental controls, from limiting screen time and restricting app usage to set a secure area.

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