Xiaomi MIUI 14 is smoother than MIUI 13 upgrade version

MIUI 14 smoother version

On 26 February 2023, Xiaomi officially unveiled its next generation of custom skin called the MIUI 14. The Android 13-based MIUI 14 is focused on providing more smoother and faster experience compared to MIUI 13 upgrade version, even without taking up too much space on your smartphone.

No doubt, Xiaomi’s MIUI 13 software version was a prominent one, but, this latest MIUI 14 software, aims to provide its users with a more smoother performance than ever before. Xiaomi claims the overall storage resource occupancy went down from 17GB to 13GB, to make the MIUI 14 version 4GB lighter.

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According to the information, MIUI 14 has a low system occupancy as compared to MIUI 13 and takes up to 1.5GB less smartphone space. Additionally, it provides better optimizations for third-party apps so that the applications could run smoothly and effectively and consume less power.

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Everyone wants a swift running of their device, taking this into consideration. MIUI 14 also offers features like duplicate file merge, automatic compression of low-frequency apps, and the ability to easily turn off permanent notifications, which will improve the system fluency by 60% as compared to MIUI 13.

MIUI 14 smoother version

Therefore, Xiaomi fans will now experience a more prompt and swift running of their smartphone, even after having lots of applications in it. MIUI 14 further offers a completely redesigned visual experience, customization controls like new wallpaper sets, and visual elements, and an option to add card-style widgets on your home screen.

Additionally, there are tabular icons to access key information in a two-by-one picture widget, a completely redesigned battery widget, big folders, and much more.

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