Xiaomi officially announced Notebook Pro 2022, equipped with 4K OLED screen

Xiaomi will hold a new product launch conference on July 4. In addition to the three new models of the Xiaomi 12S series, will also launch the 2022 Xiaomi Notebook Pro. Earlier, Xiaomi announced that the notebook will use Xiaomi’s best master screen so far. Today, the official finally announced the detailed specifications of this screen.


According to the official Weibo of Xiaomi Notebook, the Xiaomi Notebook Pro 2022 will use an OLED screen with a 4K resolution. Compared with the FHD picture quality, the screen of the Xiaomi Notebook Pro 2022 has 4 times astonishing details.

At present, Xiaomi has not released a notebook with a 4K screen. The enhanced version of the Xiaomi Notebook Pro released by Xiaomi last year is a 3.5K OLED screen with a resolution of 3456 x 2160, 261PPI, a peak brightness of 600 nits, and a super 7.64 megapixels which is 3.6 times the normal FHD screen.

Moreover, Xiaomi’s current promotion shows that the Mi Notebook Pro 2022 will be cut with a new CNC integrated carving process. Thanks to the technological breakthrough, the thickness of the body is 14.9mm. Mi Notebook Pro 2022 will also be provided with Dolby Vision, which adjusts color and brightness frame by frame.

The official slogan of Xiaomi Notebook Pro 2022 is ” A piece of Xiaomi’s best master-level screen so far, opening a new high-end thin and light experience in 2022″, and it is expected to focus on screen and thinness. As for the price and other configurations, there is no more news yet.

For comparison, the Mi Notebook Pro 2021 is available in 14-inch and 15-inch sizes, equipped with Intel’s 11th-generation Core standard pressure processor, and the AMD version is equipped with the Ryzen 5000H series processor.


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