Xiaomi says MIUI WeChat data cloud backup function is under development, will release soon

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Xiaomi Community held the 35th “Person in Charge Online” event on July 28, 2021. In which the Xiaomi Cloud Services General Manager Xu Guoshi, Xiaomi Account Head Fan Nan, and Xiaomi Cloud Services Product Manager Yang Min answered everyone’s questions online.

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In this exclusive chat, Fan Nan revealed that the WeChat data cloud backup feature has been tested and will be released once the feature stabilizes. After the backup function is turned on, the WeChat account’s local chat history, including pictures and text in the chat content, can be synchronized to the cloud for backup.

Between two Xiaomi phones equipped with MIUI, data from WeChat and other applications can be transferred through the “Xiaomi Change Phone” app. After the user changes to a new mobile phone, the chat history may remain the same, but non-MIUI system mobile phones do not support this function.

Xiaomi Xu Guoshi has also said that the cloud backup of application data will start with the most important applications such as WeChat and QQ.

Additionally, in the online activity Head and the Head of Xiaomi also said that some unlisted games are too large, and the strategy of the cloud service backup application function is that if this game is not included in the Xiaomi app store.

The complete installation package backup will be uploaded. In addition, both the Xiaomi account and the Xiaomi cloud service Web UI official said that they are in the planning and will be revised in the future.

Some users asked if the Xiaomi account password or mobile phone number can be recovered through face recognition and fingerprint recognition appeals. Xiaomi Fan Nan said that in accordance with the principle of reducing the need for privacy, Xiaomi currently does not collect face and fingerprint data.

However, this information may be collected in the future according to certain specific business scenarios to help users recover their accounts after making an appeal.

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