YouTube website brings back picture-in-picture mode on iOS 14

With iOS 14 Apple introduced a new picture-in-picture mode for its operating system on the iPhone and iPad. With the help of this feature, you can minimize the browser and use other apps at the same time as watching a video. YouTube’s website once again supports this feature that was disappeared last month unknowingly.

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According to a report, YouTube’s website now allows users to use picture-in-picture mode without having any Premium subscription. Users will now be able to use this feature on YouTube while surfing on Safari as well as other third-party web browsers including Chrome or Firefox. Earlier, YouTube only allows this feature for users with premium accounts.

Picture-in-picture mode can be enabled by opening a video in fullscreen then tap on the small PIP mode icon that can be found at the top-left of the interface.

A new feature was added in the iOS 14 named OS-level picture-in-picture mode, thereafter it stopped working for normal users of the iPhone and continue for users who have a YouTube Premium account.

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The picture-in-picture mode is introduced in the iPhone for the first time although the YouTube app on iPhone never supported this feature. To use this feature on the native YouTube app the premium subscription is must. If users are willing to use this feature they can use it on a web browser.

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