This 3 year old OnePlus phone delivers better camera results than iPhone 13 Pro

OnePlus phone camera iPhone 13

OnePlus has done some seamless work with its old flagship models, especially the lens segment. That says a OnePlus fan who recently compared the 3-year-old OnePlus 7 phone with the gigantic Apple iPhone 13 Pro handset in terms of camera features.

So far, the Chinese manufacturer is well-known for imposing its devices with high-end camera technologies. Moreover, the company’s association with the Hasselblad brand has made the optical performance next level in its flagship devices.

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But today, a user on the Twitter platform broke that even the old OnePlus models and their camera results are capable of surpassing the latest flagships in the market. Accordingly, they can even beat the famous Apple devices with their amazing abilities.

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The story begins when a YouTuber shared a comparative tweet between OnePlus 11 and Google Pixel 7 Pro. In response, a OnePlus fan appeared and tweeted that the older OnePlus 7 phone delivers far better camera shots than the brand-new Apple iPhone 13 Pro.

“My wife’s OnePlus 7 delivers better pictures than my Apple iPhone 13 Pro!! Shocking how? And why the iPhone makes such horrible pictures? I say make and not take because of their photo processing ability.”

OnePlus phone camera iPhone 13

Of course, it’s no less than a shock since the phone has launched a long ago. Still, it plays wonders with dynamic and stable performance. Even after the EOL (End-Of-Life) certificate, the model can provide the best experience to its users.

Consequently, if we compare the OnePlus 7 series (including the 7T models) with the company’s handsets, then the product is the top-most lineup in the smartphone family. Although, the company started taking new leaps and forget to bring such models to the user surface.

Not just the camera, but after OnePlus 7 models, the tech maker has skipped many good parts from its devices. As a result of which, we have seen a huge fanbase decline for the company. However, if that’s the capability of the 7th version devices, then we would love to see likewise gadgets in the time ahead.