Here’s why users choose Apple and Samsung phones over OnePlus

Here's why users choose Apple and Samsung phones over OnePlus

OnePlus is well-known for its outstanding camera and extreme OxygenOS builds across the world. The Chinese tech maker has given a bunch of reflective gadgets and highlighting updates to its users. Despite several positive points, users often prefer Apple and Samsung phones over OnePlus.

Even after multiple benefits, OnePlus remains one step behind Apple and Samsung in terms of popularity. A big reason for this lack of fame regarding the OnePlus smartphone in the market is the prohibition of the US government over Chinese cooperation.

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For your information, the official US and European authorities marked a “privacy threat” logo on the Chinese industries. As a result, high-end companies like Huawei, Oppo, Xiaomi, and OnePlus have started facing unfair restrictions in building, manufacturing, and expanding their smartphone trade in foreign markets.

Consequently, the lawsuit believes that Chinese manufacturers use illegal mediums that might harm the privacy of users. Moreover, they do not look after the security regulations and put forth consumer data and information in danger zone. Ultimately, this action drew the attention of users towards Apple and Samsung rather than OnePlus.

But as we say, all that glitters is not gold. And so is the situation with OnePlus. In our exploration, we found that OnePlus keenly looks after the user’s needs and doesn’t risk their privacy and security concerns. Besides, it keeps on renovating its devices with finer security patches and software updates to polish the security system and make it more durable.

OnePlus Expanding its market!

As of now, OnePlus is making itself a stronger rival in front of Apple and Samsung. The latest input suggests that the company has shaken hands with a foreign media agency for the expansion of the smartphone business in the US market. Eventually, the time is not so far when the US market will list OnePlus as the top smartphone manufacturer.

On the other hand, OnePlus is giving a tough fight to Samsung with its ultimate flagships and smooth-running operating systems in the global regions. Also, we will soon have OxygenOS 13.1 with more unique and satisfying features. Thus, we can say that OnePlus phones will soon take over Apple and Samsung in the smartphone market in the time ahead.

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