Microsoft introduced official .NET community forum: Report

Microsoft recently released a blog and launched the official community forum to provide developers with an official communication platform. .NET is a unified platform that enables developers to build world-class applications across operating systems and platforms. 

Microsoft said that millions of developers use .NET to build applications and help other developers start using .NET’s global community. Last year, in terms of discussions and access to technical assistance, Microsoft began a journey to unify the .NET community.

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Moreover, Microsoft first launched the Microsoft Q&A for .NET, which is a homepage that provides Q&A on .NET technology. The number of visitors to the center, questions, and answers from the community and Microsoft employees has increased significantly from month to month, and more than 80% of the questions are answered every month.

Furthermore, Microsoft has also heard feedback from the developer community and needs space for more interaction besides Q&A, so now the official .NET community forum is officially launched.

Technical community function

Whether you are a web developer, mobile and desktop developer, microservices, data, machine learning, or just a beginner, there is a discussion space for you. Just join the .NET technology community, choose a discussion space, start a new discussion, and collaborate with other .NET developers.

Follow topics

You can follow every topic on the .NET technical community, and users can get updates via email, RSS feeds, or on the technical community homepage.

Join more communities

The .NET technology community is part of the entire Microsoft technology community. Users can join, follow, and start discussing a large number of products and thematic community centers.

Create your profile and get achievements

Users can gain achievements and honor by helping the community and discussing favorite topics.

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