Microsoft started to test a new design of the classic Win10 right-click menu on Win11

Windows 11 has made a lot of changes and improvements in its design. If you have upgraded to Win11, you should be able to find that the right-click menu of the new version of the system is very different from the right-click menu of Win10, but you can also open the original right-click menu through the “Show more options” at the bottom.

Moreover, the redesigned right-click menu has icons for basic operations such as copy, paste, rename, and delete, which greatly simplifies the layout of the right-click menu, and third-party applications do not appear in the default first-level menu, compared to the bloated classic.

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Furthermore, Windows 11 can also open the collapsed classic menu through the “Show more options” option, which basically ensures that most functions of the classic menu can be used normally, but it is a bit more troublesome. However, there seems to be a problem with the classic menu design/filling, and Microsoft said it plans to solve it in a future version.

Revealer has discovered that Microsoft is now testing the new appearance of the classic menu. When you right-click the file explorer folder or the folder on the desktop. This is the classic right-click menu of Windows 10, but it has deviated from the original design and now has a more concise and novel design, and it looks very clean. 

The new classic right-click menu uses the new light blue as the accent color, which is more modern and elegant on the whole, but it is not subject to use system settings, so it seems that we can only choose this accent color.

At present, some Dev channel Insiders have experienced this new design, but it is not clear that Microsoft will launch it to users other than the beta version. Of course, Microsoft previously stated that the major version of Win11 is updated once a year, so the new right-click menu may be included in Win11 version 22H2.

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