Microsoft Windows 11 Android phone companion Phone Link new features appeared

According to the latest report, as part of a renewed effort to make Android integration on Windows more complete, Microsoft has created a dedicated division called “AMPX”. Starting with the Phone Link app, users may soon begin to see the changes brought about by this new division.


As spotted by the revealer Aggiornamenti Lumia, Microsoft’s Phone Link is getting nifty new features and improvements in the coming days. One useful feature Microsoft plans to roll out is the ability to search for messages, just like on a smartphone.

This will allow you to enter the sender’s name and the Phone Link app will display all messages received from them. You can also type in the text you want the app to display, and it will be displayed by searching for specific keywords.

Moreover, some subtle changes are coming to the messaging experience in the Phone Link app. Messages will now be split into two parts: recently received messages and hidden messages. You can also “unhide” messages in the app.

Microsoft seems to be planning to make subtle changes to Phone Link’s notification panel. We don’t see the three-dot view next to Notifications. In its place is the option to clear all notifications with a single click. Currently, clicking on the three-dot view brings up a menu with three options: Refresh, Customize, and Clear All.

Another small change is that there will be some border spacing between notifications. Additionally, the ability to pin and clear individual notifications may not appear in the top right corner of the notification. Microsoft either removes them or hides them after a right click. There are also some small UI tweaks in the connected state.


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