Microsoft Windows 11 taskbar will offer more dynamic content

According to Windows Latest reports, in Windows 11, a flagship feature is the widget panel, inspired by the “News and Interests” component of the Windows 10 reboot. Windows 10’s News and Interests is all about news and headlines related to user interests, and Windows 11’s widget panel has been expanded to include a collection of news, weather, sports scores, stocks, and more.

Likewise, the widget panel displays temperature and weather in the taskbar. This feature is called “Taskbar Dynamic Content,” and Microsoft is now planning to show more dynamic updates on the Windows 11 taskbar.


A taskbar widget integration will show off financial and other updates soon. It still works the same way: the user will receive notifications directly on the taskbar without even clicking the icon. As you can see in the screenshot, the taskbar will display real-time updates from the Sports and Finance widgets.

Taskbar widget buttons will automatically switch between weather, sports and financial updates. In addition, Microsoft plans to push breaking news notifications through the taskbar. Microsoft is proud of the new dynamic taskbar, and the company believes the update will make it easier for users to understand certain content and “keep everyone up on breaking news.”

Users can click on any of these notifications to open the widget panel and learn more about the topic. However, if you don’t interact with the update for a few seconds, the taskbar will switch back to the weather. Microsoft is currently testing this feature in the Dev channel, but it will eventually roll out to Windows 11 22H2 as well.

More changes to the taskbar

Windows 11’s taskbar will also gain support for a new “Search Bar” feature, which is similar to Windows 10’s search box.  Unlike Windows 10, Windows 11 doesn’t have a search box on the taskbar. Instead, we have a small search icon next to the Start menu button. Microsoft wants to bring the same search bar back to Windows 11, which will just open the existing Windows Search panel.

Sadly, the latest version of Windows 11 still lacks the full right-click menu. The ability to ungroup icons is also not available. Microsoft has confirmed that features like moving the taskbar won’t be coming to the operating system anytime soon.


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