Microsoft Windows Linux Subsystem (WSL2) carries Intel graphics hardware acceleration

Microsoft and Intel recently announced that the Windows Linux Subsystem (WSL2) has supported Intel’s graphics hardware acceleration oneAPI Level Zero and Intel OpenCL.

Just as NVIDIA introduced CUDA and its accelerated GPU support into WSL2, Intel’s hardware can now also perform professional calculations through WSL2. After using the latest updates and drivers, you can approach the performance level of a native Linux system.

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It is worth noting that Microsoft allows Intel’s open-source Compute-Runtime to work on Microsoft’s open source but not mainline kernel driver.

Moreover, this is a reference to the DirectX “dxgkrnl” driver, which was released last year, but the prospect of mainstreaming is slim, largely due to the lack of open-source clients. Now with Intel’s Compute-Runtime code, Microsoft may try to merge their DXGKRNL driver into the mainline.

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