Mozilla Firefox 102 can now automatically removes tracking from URLs

Mozilla recently released the official version of Firefox 102, including some new features, such as the option to remove the ability to track user content for various services and websites on some URLs. Mozilla started working on this feature about a year ago and it is now ready for public use.


Firefox 102 brings a new feature called “query parameter stripping”, which automatically strips tracking URL parameters when a user clicks a link. For example, Facebook uses the “fbclid=” query to know that someone clicked on a specific URL. Firefox now removes that query, along with other trackers from Olytics, Vero, HubSpot, Marketo, and Drip.

The new feature is part of strict tracking protection rules and is disabled by default. To enable it, navigate to Firefox Settings > Privacy & Security and turn on Strict in Enhanced Tracking Protection settings.

Query parameter stripping is currently not available in Private mode, but as Bleeping Computer discovered, you can force it to be enabled using the privacy.query_stripping.enabled.pbmode configuration on the about:config page.

It is important to note that enabling Strict Tracking Prevention in Firefox may break some websites or specific sections. If your website goes down, change Tracking Prevention to Standard or Custom. The Remove Trackers from URLs feature will work even better with Firefox’s recently introduced comprehensive cookie protection option.


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